Experience at Supernova Conference

“technology and future festival” in Antwerp, Belgium

Picture from Instagram

This event had been the biggest meeting place in Flanders for ambitious entrepreneurs, companies, investors and researchers so as to shape the future together with the general public under the motto: tomorrow is unstoppable.

Raise the voice of the citizens and allow citizens to vote which designs they want for a public square @citizenlabco
Is good cause Everyone can be your customer but Everyone on earth is your competidor @Godin_Quotes
Dont be so overdramatic!!! Please Be more factfull @gapminder
Expression recognizion is usefull for detecting emotions, like your Iphone10 does @neuraltheory
PAL-V Liberty
the Holo Anatomy
an Smart Mirror
Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel of Studio Job move their work into a new Antwerp, Belgium, loft.



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