The Art Director’s Club Europe Awards 2022

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The ADCE Awards have awarded 46 Golds, 92 Silvers, and 233 Bronzes, in addition to the Grand Prix and the 4 Special Awards, out of a total of 874 works from 24 European countries: Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

The Art Directors Club of Europe — a not-for-profit organization created in 1990 by a group of professional design and advertising associations from across Europe.

The jury, made up of 54 leading creatives from 20 European countries, met telematics first and then in person at the @DissenyHubBarcelona between the 25th and 30th of November 2022 to discuss the best European creative works.

During the 31st edition, the works have been revealed and awarded. We can follow the Online Gala ADCE Awards 2022 through YouTube.

The Grand Prix 2022 has been for Serviceplan Germany for their work “The Wish” for Penny.

A wish list arises at the moment when a teenage son asks his mother
what does she want for Christmas? His monologue takes us from youthful ups and downs to the deep pain of the first lack of love and highlights the unlived experiences of a generation due to Covid-19. A careful cast, a study set designed in detail, the photography, the light, and sound design along with editing and cinematography cleverly frame the action. In four minutes, the film tells a whole coming-of-age drama.

Spain wins 2 Golds, 11 Silvers, 21 Bronzes, and the Green Star at the ADCE Awards 2022.

“Bihar, choosing tomorrow” by Llorente & Cuenca for the BBK Foundation
wins The Green Star Award, which rewards campaigns that fight against climate change. “Bihar: Choosing tomorrow” is a campaign for which a living sculpture called Bihar -tomorrow in Basque- was created and installed in the Bilbao Estuary, representing the future generations, which sank or floated depending on the moment it was seen and managed to stir consciences, but without being entirely fatalistic. The sculpture was also a teaser for the short fiction film in which sustainable competitiveness in a dystopian Bilbao was explained in depth.

The Golds are for “An Unlikely Friendship” by CYW for Prime Video. Prime Video is a company about content and stories, which is why we wanted to create a modern Christmas tale that’s as entertaining as the content on the platform and make people smile this Christmas. “An Unlikely Friendship” is the tale of an unexpected bond, forged through a shared love for entertainment, between two misfits: Hattie, a bullied hyena who can’t smile, and Carl, a grumpy zookeeper who can’t find any reasons to smile.

The ADCE Genius Loci award celebrates the values of different European cultures and rewards creative excellence to convey the spirit of the place, which is a European cultural heritage. This year’s prize went to “Khortytsia — the island of a mystery” by Bickerstaff.734 for Khortytsia National Reserve (Ukraine).

Khortytsia — the island of a mystery

The European Star-Johannes Newrkla is for The Agency Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine for KyivPride hacked the tallest European statue, the iconic Motherland Monument, with the help of drones by attaching a huge rainbow flag to its sword in real-time. The statue’s symbolism was transformed — from the protection of Soviet values to human rights protection and raising awareness of gender equality.

Motherland Pride

The prize was created in 2019 and rewards ideas that reflect European values such as diversity and inclusion, freedom, justice, and the promotion of peace. In 2020, the award was renamed the European Star Johannes Newrkla Award, to pay tribute to the founding member of the ADCE and great promoter of European creativity who passed away due to Covid-19.

The Equal Star is for Terre des Hommes from ACNE — a Deloitte business. A statue has never been dedicated to a woman in Milan. That’s why, on World Women’s Day, Terre des Hommes — NGO for gender equality — came out with the Discovery Billboards: the first child-height campaign that played with perspective replaced male statues in Milan with the ones of inspiring women.

The billboards gave access to a petition for citizens to build the first statue of a woman to inspire the next generations. The statue was inaugurated just a few months later.

The Best of Design and Advertising Awards, In total, 874 works were registered for the 31st edition of the ADCE Awards. The 46 campaigns and Winning works with Gold in the different categories have been:

In the Design category we find:
- Editorial Design: Seabound. A Logbook by
Dog Design for Elina Brotherus. Elina Brotherus’ Seabound. A Logbook brings together photographic work shot on the southern coast of Norway.

Her work explores the relationship between the human figures and the landscape. The finished images look beautiful and effortless, despite the challenging shooting conditions. The Log opens up the backstage and the artistic process. The images proceed narratively with magnified details inviting the reader to zoom in and out and linger for a moment in the landscape.

- Corporate Brand Identity: Klaipėda city visual identity by Critical+Xwhy agency for
Klaipėda city
. What is a visual identity for the city? Lines, colors, structures? Or maybe it is a language spoken by people inhabiting the place.

And if it is the latter, the design process has to reveal, not create. For this reason, the journey in Lithuania’s port city started with the beyond the state-of-the-art engagement of various communities and stakeholders.

Their stories together with experiencing Klaipėda itself formulated a narrative in us.

– Corporate Brand Identity and photography: Sitko Pizza by Werklig for Sitko Pizza.

A brief simple “to sprinkle on some punk rock to spice it up”. A dough ball is Sitko’s heart and soul, a living ecosystem of life forms, organic and constantly transforming. A perfect symbol for a sourdough pizza company.

They reduced it to an extremely simplistic and recognizable emblem — an irregular rounded shape. Combined with collages, black-and-white aesthetics, and raw, handmade style, the visual style is a tribute to the DIY subcultures.

– Logotype: Khortytsia — the island of a mystery by Bickerstaff.734 for Khortytsia National Reserve. The island of Khortytsya forms the foundation of Ukrainian history. It’s a place of centuries-old history, amazing nature, and breathtaking secrets, myths, and legends, that no one really knows yet. The mystery of the island became the basis of the design. The X sign symbolizes mystery, which is gradually revealed to people in a unique way, inviting everyone to discover their own stories about Khortytsya.

– Illustration: Greek Spirits by Tsipourman by ODD BLEAT for Tsipourman. Summer in Greece is not a typical Summer in Greece if there are no local Greek Spirits like Tsipouro or Raki around.

They created 12 illustrations for 12 different Greek Spirits from various greek locations, under the Tsipourman brand. One character per destination.

They imagined a huge party happening all around Greece, where different characters are happy, a bit drunk and naked, doing whatever they want.

– Illustration: El Galipote by Not Perfect Vilnius for UAB Vilniaus degtinė. El Galipote is a mythical creature who inhabits the island of the Caribbean.

Usually, they take the form of regular wild animals, but at the same time, they are known to possess unnatural powers. Their special characters are visualized by exquisite detailed hand-drawn illustrations.
- Packaging: Bahlsen Global Re-launch by Auge Design for Bahlsen. With a bold and innovative legacy from the past, Bahlsen realized that the current identity and packaging hadn’t moved with the times and had lost a defined personality.

The brand asked for a revolution, a vision of the brand ten years on and, most of all, to help them become an icon. They emphasized the most crucial element, the blue signature, exploding it on the packaging and combining it with a multicolored background system.

Spatial Design: The Normal Restaurant Signage by Run design for Restaurant Normal (El Celler de Can Roca).

"Three normal brothers open a normal restaurant, on a normal corner of a normal city”.

Normal is a new restaurant where the Roca brothers (Three Michelin star restaurant El Celler de Can Roca) present their vision of normality.

Maximum simplicity and honesty, unique materials and applications: Stamping on strips of recycled leather on the billboard, reliefs on enameled ceramics on the signage, and brass inlays on the pavement in the signage.

On Spatial Design Da spazio dimenticato a spazio della memoria by Simone Brillarelli for Mercato Centrale Milano. Mercato Centrale Milano is a food hall in the Central Station.

From the first time I entered the site, my idea was to fit into a context already populated with signs, helping to write a piece of the historical memory of the place. No smooth walls, no empty and sterile spaces but a place full of life that I decorate with wallpaper, spray, stencil, pencils, and mural painting. My work is used by the creative agency on multiple media, as a central part of communication.

– Film & Audio The Online Videos: No Drama by Wirz Group AG for Switzerland Tourism. Switzerland Tourism’s new ambassador Roger Federer features in the organization’s latest film. He’s joined by legendary actor and Oscar winner Robert De Niro. In the short film, De Niro turns down an invitation by Federer to be part of a movie about Switzerland. He thinks, the destination is pure, impressive, and utterly beautiful — but there is no drama in Switzerland, something De Niro focuses his acting upon.

The Online Videos from Zalando Pre-owned. Drama-free by Accenture Song Germany for Zalando.

A Non-profit/public service/NGO: Kinodopomoha | Series of Doc Stories by Kinodopomoha for Kinodopomoha. Kinodopomoha is a YouTube channel of resistance and aid, created by the Ukrainian film community. The community has united to document the events and destinies of Ukrainians during the People’s war against Russia. This is a series of documentary stories: — Unbreakable — Never Forgive — Free Sky — Wedding At War — Hero City — City Of Parks — Kids of War The credits of this work are not detailed to avoid possible reprisals.

In Craft — direction, cinematography and editing: One by BBDO GmbH for WhatsApp. The centerpiece of the campaign is the love story of a couple and their first New Year’s Eve after their breakup. We feel how important they still are for each other during the countdown. The world stops and we dive into the intimate memories of the two protagonists. Only when one of them writes a message and breaks the silence, does the world spins again and the New Year officially begins.

As Craft — animation, VFX, CGI, and 3D: The spider and the window by Leo Burnett for Samsung Electronics. Our goal was to cleverly combine emotional storytelling with outstanding camera features to create a larger brand story. That’s why we used a very special testimonial: A little spider who falls in love with the new Galaxy S22 Ultra when she sees an advertising motif for the phone on the opposite wall. No wonder the smartphone’s camera lenses are very reminiscent of spider eyes. Following an emotional roller coaster, we witness an unforgettable happy end.

As Outdoor the Digital Screens: Fight sexism with sexism by thjnk AG / think Munich for Ursula Karven/ Frauen100/ Hell & karrer communications GmbH. Every single signature count and every person counts. That is why public spaces were chosen to place the billboards in order to be easily accessible for everyone to sign. Via QR code, people could instantly sign the petition and join the movement. The campaign gained a total of 91.6 million media impressions, over 100,000 signatures have already been collected and amazingly the new government has even included the issue in its coalition agreement!

As Direct Marketing category the Very Important Stamps by Serviceplan Germany for International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) — German section, The International Society For Human Rights, one of Germany’s oldest Human Rights NGOs, wanted to raise awareness and generate letters to amplify said the effect on prison guards. The result was 10 unique portraits of prisoners that were turned into official stamps by a service of German Mail. To make these stamps something special and create a buzz, we collaborated with German artists who are famous on Instagram.

As Direct Marketing the #ShowUsEqual by Accenture Song Germany for German Olympic Sports Confederation. While male athletes receive 90% of the coverage in Germany, women receive only 10%. Under the motto #ShowUsEqual, the DOSB wanted to make a statement against this inequality. We transformed this statistic into a wearable symbol that anyone can easily replicate and share on social media: A pair of mismatched socks. The statistics are also consistently reflected in specially designed packaging. The status quo on the outside, the aspired goal on the inside.

As Interactive & Mobile the Interactive Design: FAQ YOU — An educational Revolution by loved gmbH/ thjnk AG for Ohhh! foundation. The “Organisation for Human Health and Happiness!” is the new umbrella brand for Youth against AIDS’ many sexual health projects. The visual and acoustic principle of the entire CI: Sex is fun! And multifaceted. That’s why the “O” of the logo is a visualization of an individual’s orgasm. The business stationery is also rather stimulating: Each member has their own orgasm as a logo on their nubby business cards, ensuring the same reaction every time: “Ohhh!”

As Place-specific experiences: The oldest model in the world by Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann / DMB for Zalando. Fashion always conveys the same image: tall, thin, young. Zalando has a different vision&wanted to show that fashion knows no size, figure type or age. Zalando therefore engaged the smallest, curviest&oldest model in the world: the Venus of Willendorf. The oldest preserved female statue received customized looks from Zalando, presenting them within the regular exhibition at the Natural History Museum. For 1 week, visitors could experience the sign for body&age positivity.

As Non-profit/public service/NGO: HetzJaeger. Antifascist Algorithms by Philipp und Keuntje for Laut gegen Nazis. Fascist music is available on all major music platforms. Even worse: their algorithms promote these songs. If you listen to Nazi music once, more and more will be recommended. We remind the providers of their duty of care — by forcing their algorithms to recommend our Trojan Nazi band “HetzJaeger“ instead of fascist bands. In one month, the algorithms recommend “HetzJaeger“ over 120,000 times. The press pitched in, and over 700 fascist songs and bands have been removed.

As Brand Experience — Promotions: #flutwein — Our Worst Vintage by Seven. One AdFactory Creative House + White Rabbit Budapest for Ahr — .

A wineregion needs Help for Rebuilding e.V. After a catastrophic flood in the Ahr Valley, we created a special collection of wines that survived the disaster. We branded them as „Flood Wines” and started selling them on a crowd-funding platform, dedicated to rebuilding of the wine region

As new use of media: City Life Billboard by Philipp und Keuntje for Hinz&Kunzt. We redesigned something you can find in every big city: mobile billboards. And turned them into a shelter for the homeless, one that finances itself with the ads on its roof. The City Life Billboard.

On its façade, a sign welcomes users, asking them to come in. A lockable door leads them inside, where there’s room for a homeless person and their dog. Outside on the billboards, we call on all citizens to help end homelessness by 2030, at the latest. #ZeroBy2030

PR/Events: Water of Africa by Collettivo Creativo for Action Against Hunger. The idea was to turn the problem, the water emergency, into a physical product. We bottled the contaminated water to create the brand Water of Africa. Water was drank by 318 million people, the most consumed in the world, asking that these bottles are the last ones ever to be drank. A provoking idea, made through brand activation, that has engaged Italy and beyond, reaching the European Parliament, with a real product to bring the spotlight to a very real problem.

As Integrated & Innovation, the Integrated Campaigns for commercial brands: Colours of The Slopes — Campaign by Swisscom | for Swisscom

- Non-profit/public service/NGO: Act against Algorithm by Jung von Matt DONAU for Vienna Tourist Board. Vienna is home to some of the world’s most iconic artworks. 100 year ago, their artists fought for the free expression of their art. 100 year later, Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms make their fight obsolete.

And label Viennese art „pornographic“. Leading to blocked accounts and deleted posts. The brief was to advertise Vienna’s cultural heritage in this very climate.

They created an integrated campaign to protest censorship: On OnlyFans, in print and radio.

  • Branded Content: Carebonara by Alkemy for Barilla. Carebonara is the recipe that brings people together since 1944. 2021. After a difficult year that left its scars on society, Barilla tells the legend behind the iconic pasta recipe and honours it by donating 1 million carbonara dishes to take care of those in need. Thus concretely transforming carbonara into Carebonara.
  • Best Use of Data: The (uncertain) Four Seasons by Jung von Matt for United Nations. What will our future climate sound like if we don’t act now? Jung von Matt AG adapted Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to 2050’s weather conditions. Musical design algorithms were fed with localized climate data to generate more than 1000 different variations of Vivaldi’s masterpiece.

In collaboration with climate activists, NGOs and scientists, 15 youth orchestras from 6 continents performed their localized variations, amplifying the voices of a generation directly to those in power.

European Student of the Year
The Graphic Design/Product Design: Molda by Marvin Stegmann and Maximilian Wölfl from Germany. Mold is disgusting! But often this reaction denies the option to deal with mold and engage in examining the positive aspects.

Leaving aside the disgust, mold has a high aesthetic value. In the project, sofas are presented, which are provided with mold optics.

With the help of a configurator, the viewer can create a unique piece that questions the perception of the mold aesthetic. A luxury product is created from the original disgust.

As Communication ideas, Born Guilty by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg team, from Germany.

The film “BORN GUILTY” tells the true story of a young black man from the Bronx named Huwe Burton who gets wrongly accused of killing his own mother and serves a total of 19 years innocent in prison fighting for his freedom.

As European Best Young Creative the Graphic Design/Product Design: EMORI — Emotion regulation application by Dārta Galiņa, Sandra Sugako and Ričards Znutiņš-Znutāns from Latvia. Emotion regulation skills are related to mental health, which is a state of well-being in which a person realizes their abilities — coping with stress, working productively, contributing to society.

EMORI allows the user to evaluate their regulation skills, perform practical tasks with art-based methods, and develop the ability to accept or control emotions. It’s a research platform that allows to obtain and analyse data about the emotional skills of people from Latvia.

- Communication ideas: The Equal Kit by Tuomas Karvonen, TBWA\Helsinki from Finland.

The Gold Award for European Best Young Creative is for The Equal Kit, To make football more accessible to young girls with an immigrant background, the National League of Finland, the Football Association of Finland, and Nike donated a Nike Pro sport hijab to every female player in the country who wanted one in the spring of 2021. Since the end of 2021, this became standard practice and every football club in the country has been able to order sport hijabs for their players from FA for free.

Under the leadership of Alexander Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer of Serviceplan Group and ADCE President, the juries were led by:
▪ Film & Audio: Richard Brim, Chief Creative Officer, Adam&Eve DDB, United Kingdom.
▪ Print & Outdoor: Vladyslava Denys, Creative Director, Cheil, Ukraine
▪ Interactive & Mobile: Belén Coca, Independent Creative Director, Spain▪ Design: Pedro Mesquita, Designer, Art director and Partner, This is Pacifica, Portugal
▪ Brand Experience: Stefania Siani, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan, Italy.
▪ Integrated & Innovation: Alexander Jaggy, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Thjnk Zurich, Switzerland.



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