The Delta Award Prize 2020 Results

Guillem Ferran
14 min readNov 7, 2020


The 40th edition affected by the COVID didn’t stop the Promotion of Arts and Design since 1961 of recognizing the work of national and international designers and companies.

This edition has been delayed, because the design week that had to be held from June 11 to 18, had finally celebrated from November 17 to 26. The annual ceremony had been held on Tuesday, November 24 using a streaming event though YouTube Channel. The ceremony took place though Zoom and the Jury meetings took place though Jitsy with Miro.

This 2020, a Committee of Experts selected 132 products from 209 registered products and the Final Jury had selected 24 winners (8 Gold and 16 Silvers) and 1 mention.

The Committee meet the 5th of marh of 2020 at Sala A at Museu del Disseny from 10 to 17.

The Committee of Experts was formed by : Barbara Aurell, Teresa Bastardes Mestre, Àlex Brossa Enrique, Maria Baxauli Paús, Lucía Castro Triay, Salva Fàbregas, Bernat Faura López de Haro, Mariel Fuentes, Sara González de Ubieta Oliveros, Ginés Górriz i Joan Sabata. Rafaella Perrone and I were the chairwomen and chairman of the Committee of Experts and was assisted by Neus Escoda and Anna Vila though the process. To summarize the Committee of Experts, from 209 nominations submitted, 4 Nominations were deselected to be products presented in the last edition of Awards 2018 or to be marketed before 2018, only 3 pieces were moved from the category that they were not suitable by the jury in the category presented. This year the Prizes included more categories to give a more playful, richer, and variety visualization of the map or photo of a context, country, and moment.

132 products (67%) were selected as Bronzes, 68 products (-33%) were deselected.

The following products were left for each category, reducing the percentage in the different product spaces: Lighting: 38 (-32 %), Interior: 43 (-38 %), Exterior: 17 (-29 %), Mobility: 6 (-14 %), Complements and tools: 12 (-43%), Body design: 9 (-25 %), Digital devices: 7 (-30 %) and Packaging: 8 (-20 %).

As a vocal of Education at ADIFAD, I was requested to be chairman of the committee and final Jury together with the vice president Rafaella Perrone. I’m not a professional designer actually so I am not involved in any of the companies and projects presented, so our paper as a chairwoman and chairman it was to lead the process of selection of the different products presented and listen all the voices.

The Delta awards final Jury was formed by Davide Groppi, Frank Zierengerg, Marta Alonso, Matali Crasset, and Vicenç Aguilera.

It was an awesome experience to create and built the online system and to follow the Final Jury in all the COVID processes to make the difficult selection. The jury received a document four weeks before the meeting, and proceed with a personal selection, the meeting was held online using Jitsi and Miro, the 19th of May.

We signed a contract of confidentiality to not tell anyone the results and conversations developed inside a Jitsi channel. We started at 9.30 am in the morning and finished at 14.30 pm in the evening, it was more than 5 hours discussing with only a 15 minutes break.


This edition proposes 8 product categories. The registration form will give a choice of which category you wish to participate in. The committee of experts reserves the right to change the category of the product according to the value of the innovation it provides. It may also declare a category null and void or reformulate a new one if it deems it appropriate. The categories initially proposed are:


This category includes individual means of transport such as electric scooters, skateboards, bicycles, motorbicycles and collective vehicles (two, three and four wheels) for terrestrial, aerial and maritime mobility or proposals for mobility-related accessories or components, etc.

Cupra Formentor from Cupra Design Team

Gold for Cupra Formentor from Cupra Design Team — Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos of Seat. Being a great challenge, it is the first shuttle design of a new brand. It is a unique design, with a lot of effort behind and we want to recognize the in-house design of hundreds of invisible designers.

Oohbike from Ànima Barcelona for Oohbike

Silver for Oohbike from Ànima Barcelona for Oohbike. For being an extremely aesthetic proposal, with a high complexity and cost in the brake system for a bicycle, without functional benefits and with doubts about whether it will work well with blows and dust. On the other hand, they defend the variety of bicycles on the market, to give access to all kinds of consumers to use this means of transport that is so necessary for the environment.

PURSANG E-Track, design of Jim Palau and Ribes Roger

Silver for PURSANG E-Track, design of Jim Palau and Ribes Roger for Pursang Motorcycles. For being a classic design that makes you feel at home, and with the advantage that being electric does not pollute.

Exterior fit-outs

Includes urban furniture, complements for the garden, play units
for playgrounds, outdoor paving, outdoor temporary micro-architectures, gazebos and awnings, nautical buoys, exterior enclosures, traffic lights, etc.

Gold for Garbet, design of Emiliana Design Studio — Emili Padrós y Ana Mir for Ceràmica Ferrés.

Gold for Garbet, design of Emiliana Design Studio — Emili Padrós y Ana Mir for Ceràmica Ferrés. For being a different and new piece within the Mediterranean ceramic tradition. The modularity of the lattice offers light and shade, creating more poetic and interesting spaces.

Kodolé, design of Espinàs i Tarrasó, SCP — Olga Tarrasó Climent,

Silver for Kodolé, design of Espinàs i Tarrasó, SCP — Olga Tarrasó Climent, arquitecta, Julià Espinàs Casas for Breincosmart. For the ecological reason behind the design, water can flow through this pavement, plants can also grow and the system allows different compositions. The idea is to create surfaces like these in our cities, which allow nature to appear by blurring the gray and replacing the continuous concrete.

Silver for Satellite and design Gerard Arqué i Martín Caneda for Escofet 1886.

Silver for Satellite and design Gerard Arqué and Martín Caneda for Escofet 1886. For being a new way of sitting collectively, in an organic and informal way in public spaces.

Interior fit-outs

Includes furniture and complementary products in interior spaces for domestic or collective use, sanitaryware, taps, handles, complements for the home, carpets, curtains, decorative objects, etc.

Gold: Butaca Grasso of BD Barcelona, Design of Stephen Burks.

Gold for Butaca Grasso of BD Barcelona, Design of Stephen Burks. For the narration of the entire object it is interesting, from the name of the piece to the relationship with the formal resolution. A good design, with good finishes that reminds us of the designs of Lina Bo Bardi or Joe Colombo. Few seams are seen, and the piece is well understood, it is a unique and comfortable piece.

Silver: In of Gastón Gil y Zulema Josa for Hoioh Design

Silver for In of Gastón Gil y Zulema Josa for Hoioh Design. For being a new typology or a new way of making a tabuerte, well done. It is a simple idea with a lot of constructive effort.

Silver: Librería Flap ofPepe Andreu for Dae.

Silver for Librería Flap of Pepe Andreu for Dae. For creating a new way of keeping books in little space, showing the cover and not just the spine.


Includes lighting elements for interiors, public lighting, lighting systems, luminaires, lamps, mechanisms, cabling systems, etc.

Gold: Fa Mini of Goula / Figuera Studio from Pablo Figuera y Álvaro Goula of Gofi.

Gold for Fa Mini of Goula / Figuera Studio from Pablo Figuera y Álvaro Goula of Gofi. Due to its old fashion look, it transports you to the imaginary of the luminaire archetype without being a copy. The easy to use a system for raising and lowering stands out, with a friendly gesture.

Silver: Bolita of Kaschkasch — Florian Kallus & Sebastian Schneider for Marset.

Silver for Bolita of Kaschkasch — Florian Kallus & Sebastian Schneider for Marset. For providing a user experience and interaction with light through the object, with the innovative tactile light dimming system.

Lámina from Antoni Arola of Santa & Cole.

Silver for Lámina from Antoni Arola of Santa & Cole. Due to its warm light quality, lightweight design reinforced with the indirect light effect. For being very clean, simple and timeless.

Baldufa Light of Ànima Barcelona , Diego Quiroga for Artika.

Mention to Baldufa Light of Ànima Barcelona , Diego Quiroga for Artika. For the idea of ​​reclining the light, for its playful appearance and the compact rechargeable device.

Complements and tools

Includes products and accessories for the habitat and other office and leisure spaces, products such as household items and board games, products for the arts, objects and crafts, stationery elements. Tools and utensils, small machines, electrical appliances, music instruments and stationery or office elements.

Gold: Cafetera EX3 from Nacar Design . Bern Donadeu (Creative Director) and Florian Schroeder (Industrial Design) fro Crem International Spain.

Gold for Cafetera EX3 from Nacar Design . Bern Donadeu (Creative Director) and Florian Schroeder (Industrial Design) fro Crem International Spain. For being a complex project, well resolved, with a new perspective on the coffee machine. Clear, minimalist lines, “revival of crafts”, has an image back to the archetypal classic lines of the traditional coffee maker.

Silver: Eslabón from Nomon of Andrés Martínez Clemente

Silver for Eslabón from Nomon of Andrés Martínez Clemente

Silver of Gama de limpieza Bob from Studio Inma Bermúdez for Sp. Berner

Silver of Gama de limpieza Bob from Studio Inma Bermúdez for Sp. Berner. For being a product very integrated into the material culture of the country. Of clear lines, easy to clean, sustainable and to focus on simplicity and good everyday usability. Innovate in the lines of household objects, an area with few value propositions.

Design for the body

Includes accessories such as eyeglasses, watches, wearables, headsets, helmets, bags, luggage, travel items, sports equipment, fashion and footwear, prostheses, products for wellbeing and personal hygiene, etc.

Gold: AI Snowboard Binding of Addit·ion for Nidecker.

Gold for AI Snowboard Binding of Addit·ion for Nidecker. “For being at highly personalized object and designed by artificial intelligence with 3D printing, it helps to run more, it is flexible, ergonomic, light and hopefully it will do its job.”

Silver for Closca Bottle from Juan Sanz, and Perrin Metzger for Closca Design. For being part of a family of portable everyday objects. A bottle that attaches to different supports, thinking of a friendly material for drinking water: glass. It has a hight tech look and the concept of the free water app, geolocates water sources around the world.

Silver for Infinit Denim from Back to Eco. Because it is more than a product, it is a process that exploits a new ecofriendly material, a thread to create new fabrics for products and interiors. The process is very important in new materials, that’s why they have created a mass industrialization system.

Digital Devices

Includes digital and electronic devices, design of interfaces and interaction devices, domestic devices, audio, sound and video equipment, portable devices, computer devices and IT accessories, robotics and industrial machinery.

Andreu Carulla for Metalquimia

Gold for Metalquimia Signature from Àcid Studio. Andreu Carulla for Metalquimia. For being an aesthetically attractive industrial machinery, balanced in volumes and well resolved. The machinery of the meat sector, so important in Catalonia, is a type of product that is complex and difficult to value but, in this case, the harmony of the pieces and the whole family, stand out thanks to the value of the design.


Silver for DynamicSpeaker. For being an innovative product in the field of sound reproduction technology. An object that provides new possibilities for use and configuration, because it can be hidden in a piece of furniture or on a wall.

Silver for Router Mesh. “For being an object between the need, the sculptural and the technological. For combining innovative technology with good aesthetics and faster. The router is usually a product that is hidden in the house and in this case the intention is just the opposite. The Mesh Router is an excellent example of how technology needs design.”


Includes wrapping and packing of industrial products, products designed for the food, healthcare and retail industries such as displays, signage, communication and sales elements.

Scudopack of Estudi Brafim , Enric i Jordi Fiestas of Brafim Mecplast

Gold Scudopack of Estudi Brafim , Enric i Jordi Fiestas of Brafim Mecplast, SL. By supporting a greener world, a simple design, easy to use, adaptable to any box, the use of cardboard reduces the amount of material, ecological and economical.

Silver: ed’o Deluxe of Selective Export

Silver for Ed’o Deluxe of Selective Export, S.L. As it is not only an aesthetic solution, in terms of functionality the shape of the bottle provides correct usability.

Silver: LatCub® of Damm + Alzamora Packaging

Silver for LatCub® of Damm + Alzamora Packaging. For supporting a great brand, which produces mass, we appreciate that it is providing an ecofriendly solution to the market, it is good news to change something in the world, and we hope that it will serve as an example for other companies in the sector.

The prizes have had major participation this 2020 than the 2018.

In 2018 the prizes received 190 entries that finished with 185 real participants and the committee selected 85 products and the final jury selected 16 winners an 1 mention. This 2020 have received 209 entries, 25 entries mores (+ 9 %), the Committee of Experts had selected 132 products (+ 35 %), and the final jury selected 24 winners and 1 mention (+ 33 %).

The results are 1 Gold and 2 Silver for each design category. All the results can be seen in the website Delta Awards.


This is the 3rd edition, the ADI Culture award aims to promote public recognition of those projects that help to promote and update social and conceptual product design, or serve to encourage dialogue, ideas and activity in the discipline. The ADI Culture Awards have two categories.
The Project category, awards are given to those carried out in the last three years, while in the Career category, homage is paid to people or entities who, for their work over the years, their work and their influence on the world of design have contributed to the evolution of the discipline and its integration into society.

Understanding l’Hospitalet at Instituto Cervantes during the Milan Design Weel 2019

The jury formed by Ariadna Parreu, Eva Serrats, Guim Espelt, Guillem Celada, Marta R. Bosch and Martí Guixé give the ADI Cultura Project to Understanding l’Hospitalet of Diego Ramos and Saúl Baeza of Associació Understanding Design, Ajuntament L’Hospitalet and Instituto Cervantes. The exhibition took place at the Instituto Cervantes in Milan, in the
framework of Milan Design Week (April 2019) .The selection included pieces from studios, artists and designers: DOES Work (Saúl Baeza), Elia Bagó, Elsa Casanova, Ignacio Ezcurra, Juan Ezcurra, Cristian Herrera Dalmau, Max Milan, Josep Novell, Maria Pratts, Clara Romain, Lolo and Sosaku, Diego Tampanelli, Takk (Mireia Luzárraga and Alejandro Muiño) and Sara Torres. For being a solid and intrepid proposal, that starts from a peripheral context and lands in the middle of the epicenter Milan fair to showcase creations designed and produced in Hospitalet especially for the occasion. The project
puts on the map an emerging city, key in the industrial fabric and local creative, but constantly overshadowed by Barcelona.

The ADI Culture Career Award 2020 was for Escola Massana. Center d’Art i Disseny. For aconstant reference in the public education of design and the arts
with a transdisciplinary and contemporary perspective.

A mention was given to the URNAS 1-O, on October 1 of 2017 it was held in Catalonia a consultation on independence. A referendum that remained
marked in the collective imagination by police violence, trying to
to prevent its celebration, and by a plastic urn that it would become a symbol and instrument of that day. An urn made of plastic injection, more stable and resistant than the traditional methacrylate urns, used in the other processes
elections that had been held in Spain since 1978. Designed to be stackable; a factor that will facilitate transportation and will guarantee the success of the mission. The Jury comment was to be an object that has provoked reactions,
thoughts, feelings and actions like no other in recent history Catalan. A depoliticized reading of the object leads to highlighting it as such throughout
what’s behind. It is a mass production object whose function is changed
fruit of urgency, and that reaches users through a new and complex
collective distribution system. It can lead to reflection on anonymity, on what
we understand by an object, or about the design system and its future. The facts on October 1, 2017, they turned it into a media object that forms
part of the collective imagination.

2020 ADI Medals Awards

The 28th edition of the ADI Medals focus on young people
designers, with a Final Project that has been approved between
2018 and the current call. From a total of 12 projects
selected, and with the collaboration of Fundación Banco
Sabadell, the jury made up of Alexis Georgacopoulos, Eva
Prego, Marcelo Ghio, Mireia Mesalles and Rita Barata have valued
deliver the following prizes:

Entre redes from Amalia Puga Cividanes of Elisava

Golt to Entre redes from Amalia Puga Cividanes of Elisava, for being a project that mixes the slope social and environmental, with a high emotional component that reactivates a traditional craft and serves to give a second life to an unused material. The resulting product, designed with materials
recycled scraps of rope and thread from fishing nets and woven by women, it is a piece that can evolve to improve in the following aspects: stackability and transport, hours of dedicated manufacturing by piece, structure suppliers steel and price.

Paula Terra Bosch of EINA.

Dröp of Paula Terra Bosch of EINA. Dröp is a medical solution made up of three devices (wearable, app and insulin pen) that manage and simplifies the treatment of diabetes in a simple, pleasant and close to the user. To contribute, with a set of products, a proposal that through design and technology allow to manage and simplify the treatment of diabetes in a simple, pleasant way and close to the user. Thus, improving the user experience at the that thousands of people undergo daily.

ALBA of Nil Peguero Martínez

The bronze is for ALBA of Nil Peguero Martínez from Escola Politècnica Superior d’Enginyeria de Vilanova i la Geltrú.

This year the Graphic Design and Art Direction has been developed by Carles Murillo, the proposal works with images of previously awarded projects into basic design shapes with three basic colors. The graphic design of the prizes have changed though the last decade every two editions. The last two editions 2016 and 2018, were developed by TwoPoints, 2013 and 2014 by Lo Siento, 2011 and 2012 by Diego Feijoo, 2007 and 2009 by David Torrents.


The ADIBOOK has been published by Experimenta, A big coloured object, 1350 gr. and 427 pages of brilliant projects.

Premis Delta 2020 with 2535 views.

The streaming event had been made by Flop, and was conducted by Quim Morales. You can read more of ADI Prizes into the article of the ADI Delta Prizes 2018 Edition and the ADI Cultura prize 2018.



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