The 40th edition affected by the COVID didn’t stop the Promotion of Arts and Design since 1961 of recognizing the work of national and international designers and companies.

This edition has been delayed, because the design week that had to be held from June 11 to 18, had finally celebrated from November 17 to 26. The annual ceremony had been held on Tuesday, November 24 using a streaming event though YouTube Channel. …

Social distancing has forced us to use new tools to make our Project Presentations.

On the 5th week of Quarantine, we are late but never is too late to learn something! Meanwhile, Instagram Live and Youtube video have been duplicated, we have assisted to first time videos to all kind of personalities.

Working and Lecturing and Project presentation are going to be remotely, so…

Guillem Ferran

Head of Product Design Course at Esdap Catalonia Design School. Campus Llotja. Empower entrepreneurs, products and ideas. Barcelona.

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